Krystal Diaz

The Power of Your Voice 你聲音的力量 – Krystal Diaz’s Presentation at the Empowered Woman Event (中文CC)


Are you a speaker or in a profession that requires you to use your voice a lot? If so, did you know that you are in possession of an incredible tool that is so often overlooked and underused?

We generally spend far more time thinking about what to say and how we look, that we completely neglect to consider the TONE of our voice and how we SOUND when speaking or presenting to others.

I was invited to speak about the power of the voice as a tool of influence at the Empowered Woman conference held in Stockholm, Sweden. The event featured a line up of strong leaders and entrepreneurs, including the wonderfully inspiring Randi Zuckerberg, as well as my mentors, Kane and Alessia Minkus from Industry Rockstar.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to present at this remarkable event and I feel incredibly honoured to have met so many phenomenal individuals who are all making a positive impact on the world.