The Story Behind the Pure Singing Platform

Krystal Diaz
My name is Krystal Diaz and I’m a Co-Founder of the Pure Singing Platform.

Music has always played a huge part of my personal and professional life. I come from three generations of professional singers and musicians and started performing on stage with my family when I was 8 years old.

As a vocalist, I spent many years singing in jazz clubs, performing as a backup singer and soloist for concerts and special events, as well as singing and writing lyrics for TV commercials. I’ve also had the opportunity to perform at many of Hong Kong’s top venues, including the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong City Hall, the Kowloon Exhibition Centre, and the Hong Kong Coliseum.

My career as a professional vocal coach began in 2008 after I became a certified Speech Level Singing instructor. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of coaching students from total beginners to many of Asia’s most well known singers and actors. I’ve been featured on TV & radio shows as one of Hong Kong’s top vocal coaches, and in October 2019, my debut recording album, Reflections, will be releasing under the New Century Workshop production company.

But it wasn’t always like this…

Even though I came from a musical family, my journey to where am I today as a vocalist and vocal coach was not a smooth sailing one.

My family’s legacy as influential leaders in the Hong Kong music industry was both a blessing and a challenge. I was a perfectionist and held myself up to incredibly high standards. Whenever I sang, people would politely compliment my performance and I would thank them, but I would never believe them. I was forever plagued by the curse of negative self-talk and never thought my voice would ever be good enough. I struggled to establish my own identity as a performing artist because I was always known as the daughter of Christine Samson and Romeo Diaz.

After years of struggle and frustration, including a period of 4 years when I gave up music altogether while I was in university, I eventually found the path that led me to where I am today.

Looking back, I can credit four factors that changed my life as a vocal artist.
  1. I became a vocal science GEEK. I researched and learnt everything I could about vocal technique. I studied books and articles, and attended seminars and workshops both locally and abroad. Some of it made a lot of sense, some of it made zero sense. But it was all fascinating and made me realise that there was a world of information out there to learn about singing.
  2. I went on a mission to find the best vocal coaches and mentors to learn from. I studied under A LOT of different vocal coaches – all of them were experienced, but not all of them were right for me. I spent a lot of time and money trying out different coaches before I found a handful of teachers whose style and approach really worked wonders for me.

  3. I surrounded myself with a community of singers who were just as passionate about singing as I was and, for the first time, I realised I wasn’t alone in my struggles. Every vocal student is battling through their own frustrations and challenges, and to be able to share that with people who understood where I was coming from was a breath of fresh air.
  4. Last but not least, I had the incredible, unwavering support of my parents. They believed in me when I stopped believing in myself. It was only through their constant encouragement that I finally discovered the courage to stand on my own two feet as a vocal performing artist.
These four factors are the basis from which the Pure Singing Platform was created. I knew that the work my mother and I were doing as vocal coaches was making a huge impact on the students who were coming through our studio, but I had a calling to do more.
My mission

My mission is to provide training, support and opportunities to undiscovered singers from Asian countries who are struggling to get their voices heard. Through the Pure Singing Platform, I want to connect these singers to a support network of international coaches and music industry professionals, and to provide training and strategies that are tailored to helping each singer realise their true potential as vocal artists.

On the Pure Singing Platform, you’ll find a team of passionate music professionals who believe in you and are dedicated to helping you achieve your wildest singing dreams, and you’ll never have to struggle alone again.

Krystal Diaz


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