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My Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo’s Live Performance of Drivers License on SNL


My Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo's Live Performance of Drivers License on SNL

When three of my students requested to learn this song within the same week, I knew it meant one of two things…

Either the song was so catchy they couldn’t get it out of their head, or there was something about the song that was challenging.

Turns out Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” is both those things — a catchy song that’s challenging, not because of any obviously difficult note or section, but more so because of the stylistic choices she makes in her delivery of it.

Up until this point, I’d only listened to the recorded version and was familiar enough with how she delivered it there since I’d broken it down many times with different students.

So when I saw that Olivia Rodrigo had recently performed it live on SNL, I thought I’d record and share my immediate thoughts and reactions to the performance with you. 

In this video, you’ll learn…

  • What it is about this song that I believe makes it quite challenging
  • Why singing quietly can be harder than belting
  • Tips for how you can approach this song
  • My thoughts on Olivia Rodrigo’s stylistic choices
  • Examples of what I call “Anchor & Lean” – a subtle, yet super effective way to drive energy and power into your singing.

​Check it out here: 

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