Krystal Diaz

What is Mix Voice? (3 Tips To Help You Find It)


Mix voice. WHAT is it, WHY is it important and HOW do you find it?

In the world of singing, mix voice is like the holy grail of vocal technique! If you’re experiencing any kind of vocal struggle right now (vocal strain, cracks, breathiness, limited range, etc), working on discovering and strengthening your mix voice should be your No. 1 priority. If you google search “mix voice” you’ll easily go down a rabbit hole of information. I know I have!

While googling may give you some insight about what mix voice is, here’s the truth: READING about mix voice isn’t going to bring you any closer to finding it. But here’s the good news…

If you’ve been singing for a while, chances are you probably ARE mixing to some degree. It’s far more likely that you’re simply not mixing in a way that’s BALANCED.

In my latest singing tip, I share with you my own understanding of mix voice plus 3 tips that I hope will help you work towards finding and strengthening your mix voice. CLICK HERE TO WATCH REPLAY NOW. I hope this video gives you greater clarity on this topic and inspires you to put on some music and get started on this path towards vocal discovery and confidence!