Short on time and need to warm up your vocals quickly before an event?

Whether you're a singer or speaker, vocal warmups are a must if you want your voice to make a great impression on your audience. 

But, not all vocal exercises are created equally!

This means you can't just randomly make sounds with your voice and call it warming up. Practicing singing exercises that aren't suitable for your voice can really BACKFIRE if you aren't careful. 

When it comes to vocal exercises, it's important to know what you're trying to achieve with each one that you practice. 

After all, vocal exercises are TOOLS to achieve specific results in your voice. 

In my latest video tutorial, I take you through three of my favourite go-to vocal training exercises.

You'll learn what the goal is for each exercise and hear me demonstrate how to execute them effectively. 

Plus, you'll get to practice a round of each vocal exercise together with me! 

Check it out below!

I perform the exercises in the female key. You can still follow along to get a feel for the exercises, but you'll probably have to sing them an octave lower. The good news is that I've created a FREE resource for you if you want to practice these exercises in the male key. Just click on the link below! 

With much love, joy & music,


Free Vocal Exercises for the Modern Singer

Want a set of basic vocal exercises that you can practice anywhere, anytime? Available in both the female & male key! 

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