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Cultivating Confidence for Singers & Speakers with Charlsey Childers [Ask the Expert Ep. 7]


 🎤  Do you wish you could sing or speak publicly with more confidence?

🎤  Do you admire those who fearlessly get on stage and aren’t afraid to let their voices be heard?

In this episode of Ask the Expert, I got to speak with Charlsey Childers, a Self Worth and Confidence Coach who helps women cultivate inner peace and confidence so they feel worthy and authentic everyday.

In this live interview, we talked specifically about cultivating confidence for singing and speaking publicly.

In this video, you’ll discover:
⭐️  What confidence really is and where it comes from.
⭐️  Performance anxiety
⭐️  Common thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from using our voices publicly
⭐️  Limiting beliefs around performing
⭐  Self-sabotage Plus,

Click here for Charlsey’s quiz to find out if you’re self-sabotaging your own vocal success:

Connect with Charlsey
IG: @charlsey_childers