Krystal Diaz

From Desk Job to Recording Studio: An Interview with Award-Winning Songwriter & Music Producer Gareth Chan 陳考威​


Think you need a music degree in order to be respected in the music scene?

Do you secretly want to develop your skills in music but you’re afraid you might not be taken seriously or that it might be too late for you to get started?

In this episode of Ask The Expert, I met up with one of Hong Kong’s most popular songwriters and music producers, Gareth Chan 陳考威.

Gareth’s story of musical discovery will surely surprise AND inspire you.

In this interview, you’ll learn…

  • How someone who didn’t study music (AND couldn’t play an instrument) go from working a desk job at an IT company, to building his own home studio from watching YouTube videos, and then finally finding his place in the music industry as an award-winning songwriter and music producer.

  • How music can change your life in incredibly surprising ways

  • How you can find purpose and fulfilment through music, even if you don’t plan to pursue it as a career.