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Breaking Stereotypes with Corinna Chamberlain


Breaking Stereotypes with Corinna Chamberlain

I’m excited for you to meet singer, actor & dancer, Corinna Chamberlain.

Corinna became a household name in our city after her breakout role as a Chinese-speaking Caucasian in a hit TV series.

As a ‘Third Culture Kid’, Corinna identified strongly with both the culture of her parents (from Australia and New Zealand), and the culture of the city she was brought up in (Hong Kong).

In this interview, Corinna shares her real life experiences behind the scenes, including her struggles with typecasting, finding her unique voice, and how she came to discover and embrace her role as a ‘bridge’ between two cultures.

Sometimes, when faced with the option of two choices, we realise there’s really a third – a happy blend of the two – that aligns best with who we really are!

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