Krystal Diaz

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Pre-Show Sound Check


If you love to sing but you’re looking at the title of this video thinking, what’s a soundcheck? Or if you’re already familiar with performing and want some tips and strategies on how to ensure that your soundcheck goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, then this video is for you!

Having a thorough sound check is KEY if you want the confidence to walk onto the stage and know that you’re about to rock your performance.

In this super practical episode, I’ll be sharing my experiences with you and the lessons I’ve learned, which have really helped me to become a better, more confident vocal performer.

Short on time? Check out the video highlights and their timestamps:
0:44 – What is a soundcheck?

01:18 – The one thing you absolutely MUST do during a soundcheck.

02:45 – Tip # 1 and the advantage of arriving early.

04:38 – Tip # 2 and how to avoid any singer’s worst nightmare.

05:35 – How to communicate your song’s tempo to your band.

05:59 – Special tip for those singing with a backing track.

06:39 – Tip # 3 and how to strategize your time on stage.

08:16 – Tip #4 and my awkward moment on stage.

09:18 – Tip #5 and what floor monitors are.

10:19 – Why singers say, “Testing, one, two, three…”

11:27 – Tip #6

12:32 – Tip #7 and why I chose to stand in one particular spot on stage during a recent performance.

14:03 – Why your voice may sound exposed or “naked” during a soundcheck and what to do about it.

14:49 – Tip #8 (a BIG one!)

15:53 – One of the biggest mistakes singers make.

16:52 – What to do if you’re having trouble staying in pitch and on the beat.

18:10 – What I did during a performance (where I was singing backup) to make sure I could hear both myself and the lead singer.

19:23 – Tip #9

20:14 – Using a microphone at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

21:04 – The best way to position your microphone during a performance.

21:37 – Tip #10

22:19 – No matter what happens, always remember to do THIS.