Krystal Diaz

The Single Mindset Shift That Will Make The BIGGEST Difference in Your Voice!


Have you ever listened back to vocal recordings of yourself?

What did you think when you first heard your own voice played back to you?

As my students will know, I am a HUGE believer in the value of vocal practicing with intention and knowing how to review yourself in a constructive way.

But I absolutely know that watching yourself sing isn’t always the most confidence-boosting activity!

In fact, it took me a LONG time to be able to listen back to my own recordings without cringing!

But I kept doing it.

And then something MAGICAL happened.

All of a sudden, while practicing a particularly challenging note in a song I was working on, my voice SUDDENLY came together.

It was as if all those practice sessions were nudging me towards a path.

During all of those embarrassing vocal practices of mine, I hadn’t even realized how close I was getting towards this path….

….until I suddenly found myself on it!

This led me to a GAME-CHANGING breakthrough realization.

This realization had nothing to do with vocal technique.
It was a simple mindset shift.

And this mindset shift is the third Inner Circle Secret that I want to share with you today!

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