Krystal Diaz

How to Start Your Singing Career (An Interview with Chart-Topping HK Music Producer Adam Diaz)


Have you ever dreamed of launching a career in pop music but didn’t know how to do it?

Or, do you secretly wish you could break into the music scene, but you’re afraid that you don’t have the right skills/the right look/the right age/(insert other insecurity here) to really make it?

In today’s era of technology and high-speed internet, anyone with a laptop or smartphone can record a song and post it on YouTube and call themselves a singer.

However, to build a raving fanbase and gain the attention of producers, record label executives, and talent scouts, it’s crucial to have a strategy that will get you noticed over all the other people who are also trying to do the same thing.

In this episode of Singing Sessions, I interview Adam Diaz, a chart-topping record producer and songwriter, on the ins and outs of launching your own music career.

Whether you want to be discovered and signed by a major record label, or you want to independently release your own album of original or cover songs, this episode will give you a head start on what you need to do and consider to get started on the right track.

Want to skip straight to juicy parts?

  • Adam’s recent music projects – 0:53
  • The challenges that new artists face – 1:39
  • The challenge you face in signing a record deal – 1:58
  • What is a joint-venture collaboration? 2:16
  • Green Day cross Britney Spears??? 3:28
  • Retaining creative control in your music – 3:50
  • How did Adam break into the scene as a music producer? 4:28
  • The ideal scenario for an artist going into a record deal – 5:17
  • As a producer, what does Adam look for in a singer when deciding whether or not to work with them? 6:40
  • Producing and releasing an original song with new independent artist Lewis – 8:40
  • Advice for new singers on navigating their relationship with a music producer – 9:54
  • An unknown but common dilemma for new artists signed under major record labels in HK – 11:29
  • The state of the Hong Kong music industry – 11:55
  • What advice would Adam give someone who is considering launching a singing career in Hong Kong? 13:03
  • What’s missing in the Hong Kong music scene now? 14:51