Krystal Diaz

Life Lessons from Music [Interview with Christine Samson]


What surprising life lessons can music teach us?

What insights can we gain from learning to sing?

What’s the best way to cultivate an appreciation of music in young children?

We’re e talking about life lessons from music and more in this month’s Ask the Expert episode.

For those who are joining for the first time, my name is Krystal Diaz, I’m a singer and voice coach at CSMA Studio and Co-Founder of the Online Vocal Academy. I help busy people who love to sing but haven’t had the chance to train formally, release their voice, foster self-expression and experience greater confidence not just in singing, but in all areas of their lives.

Every month, I invite a special guest to share their stories, experiences and wisdom with all of you. My guests are people who have expertise related to vocal performing, self-expression, creativity and confidence.

This episode is very special.

My guest is a legendary, multi-award winning singer, and is one of Hong Kong’s most sought after celebrity vocal coaches. She mentors many of Asia’s most popular singers, like Joey Yung, GEM, Fiona Sit, Suzanna Kwan, Miriam Yeung, Vivian Chow, Alex Fong, to name but a few.

She also happens to be my mentor, and my mother, Christine Samson.

Watch the interview for incredible stories and insight from her prolific music career!