Krystal Diaz

Two Singing Tips for Better Breathing


Do you breathe noisily while singing?

Do you easily run out of breath or feel like the rhythm of your breathing is off?

Check out “Inner Circle Secret Tip No. 2 – Two Ways To Breathe Better While Singing”.

In this video, you’ll find two of the better breathing tips that I shared with my Inner Circle members.

🎤 Tip 1 will help you to disengage throat tension each time you inhale.

Very often we carry tension in our throat and neck area without even realising it.

This simple little tip is like hitting a reset button each time you take a breath so that you can draw air in more efficiently and effectively!

🎤 Tip 2 will help you develop better breathing patterns while singing.

When we feel we don’t have enough air, the natural instinct is to breathe in MORE air.

But this rarely solves the problem.

The key to breathing well is BALANCE!

As singers, we have to breathe in the right amount of air for the phrase that you intend to use it for.

How do you do that?

Watch the video to find out!

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